Process for Success

Evaluate hospital- and department-specific data.

Determine optimal resource allocation to achieve quality and cost goals.

Develop a strategic management action plan for change and process improvement.

Provide routine concise feedback on goal attainment, which leads to sustainability. 

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The Industry’s Best Insights Tool Makes Opportunities Crystal Clear

Many ERP systems include performance and productivity reporting, but have you ever tried to use them to make a decision? It’s hard.

Futura’s proprietary Envigorate Productivity Reporting System (EPRS) takes your data and makes it easy to spot areas of opportunity – allowing your managers to make faster and better-informed decisions. Cost management quickly becomes part of their daily routine.


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Trusted by Healthcare Organizations Across the US

Ardent Health, Augusta Health, Carolina East Medical Center, Community Hospital Corporation, Denver Health, Prisma Health, Stormont-Vail Healthcare, Vidant Health 

... and many more

"I've been in health care for 20 years, and every productivity analysis group we worked with felt like hand-to-hand combat until I worked with Futura. They built a positive rapport with our managers, focused on factors we could control, and helped begin our cultural transformation to become a more effective, efficient organization."

Client CEO, Southeast United States


"The Futura consultants worked alongside our front-line managers to empower more effective utilization of resources in their specific environment. The process and techniques guaranteed staff participation in target development, which led to buy in and strategies for improvement and perpetuation."

Client CFO, Western United States


"The program was a success and achieved several key objectives beyond financial improvement. The management team developed a thorough understanding of productivity, which led to efficient utilization of staff. Employee morale improved due to equitable distribution of work and appropriate use of skill mix."

Client CEO, Southern United States


"The management team was engaged and embraced the program as an opportunity to develop their skill set, while the consultants served as the catalyst for change and growth."

Client CEO, Northeastern United States

Earn a 10X ROI on Your Investment. Guaranteed.

Why do companies choose Futura? Our approach to workforce optimization allows us to deliver effectiveness and utilization far beyond what other organizations can. We are so successful in helping our customers that we can guarantee a 10x return on your investment.


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