Simplify Virtual Care and Increase Revenue Streams with Futura

Establish revenue streams by implementing a program that is patient-centric, provider-based with an understanding of current reimbursement opportunities and best practices.

  • Patient and Clinician Video Visits 
  • Remote Post Discharge Monitoring
  • Mobile Health and Education
  • Store and Forward to Other Providers

What We Do

  • Align organizational telemedicine/telehealth strategies to capture all available marketplace reimbursement opportunities
  • Deploy technologies to optimize the patients experience and allow physicians to effectively treat them
  • Allow for physicians to remotely monitor inpatient patients
  • Help patients and physicians to proactively monitor then manage conditions such as diabetes, congestive heart failure, etc by leveraging technology
  • Overcome barriers in program development by expediting credentialing across state lines

Partner with an organization that can help you from start to finish.

What We Do

  • Maximize revenue capture
  • Optimize workflow
  • Ensure tools and processes are in place
  • Flexible infrastructure
  • Implementation of technology and staff training
  • Help desk support for patients and clinicians
  • Equipment maintenance and service

Futura offers an all-inclusive platform powered by Bluestream. Bluestream is scalable, flexible and configurable to meet changing remote patient care and regulatory demands over time. Set up is easy with limited IT interaction. As you evaluate your Telehealth strategies and technologies, consider a handful of Bluestream features:

  • No app to download and no patient waiting rooms – immediate click-to-connect
  • Built-in consent for telemedicine consults
  • Dynamic workflow management - configure patient workflow like an in-office visit
  • Full EMR integration - supporting patient docs and images available in real-time
  • Instant and seamless in-video warm hand-offs of patient to RNs, physicians, interpreters, family members and other specialists
  • Maximize reimbursements for digitized care – improve quality of care scores

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