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Vendor-agnostic hardware, offering flexibility to meet your specific needs. 

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Managed Mobility Services

Safeguarding your vital equipment and optimizing clinical operations.

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Software & Solutions

Licensing and platforms to streamline your technology and operations. 

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IT Staff Augmentation

Certified and experienced resources to ensure your next project is a success.

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Trusted by Healthcare Organizations Across the U.S.

Futura is a system integrator that works with clients in
designing and deploying strategic mobile solutions,
using technology, software and managed services.

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Mobile Device Management

Your Go-To Mobility Partner for Your Windows 11 Transition.

Utilize Futura to effortlessly transition to Windows 11 before the conclusion of Windows 10 support in October 2025, unlocking the benefits of the most secure and productivity-oriented Windows version to date. 

Our customers have experienced...

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PM Inspections

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EPIC Rover Fixes & Upgrades

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Device Installs

Futura Spotlight

Meet our experts

SME: Jason Ashworth

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Jason epitomizes Futura's commitment to crafting tailored technology solutions for his clients. With a vendor-agnostic approach, he sources a range of cutting-edge tech, including mobile workstations, barcode scanners, and more. Jason customizes each solution to enhance patient care and streamline clinical workflows, offering seamless technology acquisition, deployment, and lifecycle management services.

SME: Steve Larkin

Steve personifies dedication to tailored technology solutions. With a focus on enhancing patient care and clinical workflows, he excels in procuring and customizing a wide range of tech solutions. From mobile workstations to communication devices, Steve's vendor-agnostic approach ensures that each solution meets the unique needs of health systems like BayCare and Baptist Jacksonville and their patients. His expertise extends to seamless technology acquisition, deployment, and lifecycle management, ensuring efficiency and excellence every step of the way.


SME: Jessica Stern

"I've been with Futura for 3 ½ years, serving as Sales Support. My passion stems from delivering the same level of respect and customer satisfaction I value myself. Being a giver at heart, I find fulfillment in serving our customers and employees to the best of my ability every day." Jessica's best advice; "Embrace technology as the cornerstone of healthcare's future! You do not want to be a 1966 Cadillac in the sea of Teslas."


SME: Jeff Bejo

Driven by a profound sense of purpose, Jeff's passion for his work stems from the critical role he plays in ensuring the seamless operation of medical equipment vital for patient care. He recognizes that each piece of equipment serviced has the potential to enhance the quality of care for countless individuals, motivating him to consistently strive for excellence. For Jeff, the most rewarding aspect of his work lies in being recognized as a "go-to" person within his team—a testament to his collaborative spirit, technical knowledge, and dedication to the quality of his work.


Case Studies

From our office


What clients are saying

  • We needed more than just people who knew Epic. We needed a partner that could handle logistics, on-site support, help desk triaging and remote activation services while taking precautions with COVID. Futura was the right partner from the start. Their ability to staff the project, support our clinicians and non-clinical staff, and streamline our triaging process seamlessly was a major key to our success.

    Dr. David Tillit CMIO, Carson Tahoe

  • I’ve been in healthcare for 20 years, and every productivity analysis group we worked with felt like hand-to-hand combat, until we partnered with Futura Healthcare. They built a positive rapport with our managers, focused on factors we could control, and we realized $10 of savings for every $1 we invested in less than a year.

    Lee Boles Jr. CEO, Hunt Regional Healthcare

  • We chose to partner with Futura Healthcare because they gave us the one thing we don’t get from a lot of vendors — they listened. Highly skilled and easy to work with, Futura delivered on what they promised, and that earned our trust.

    Kent Hoyos CIO, Pamona Valley

  • The platform provides users with a sense of ownership – it feels like home, and it feels like home quickly!

    Amber Hermosillo Director RCM Education and Quality, Banner Health

  • Futura's methodology for looking at labor objectively is proof that they are doing it the right way, and that's helped us reduce operating costs and improve patient care without having to cut our nursing staff.

    Nursing Executive Chief Nursing Officer, Regional Health System

  • Futura was able to provide a true managed service for our Rover implementation including the staging, implementation, and deployment services. These services coupled with their asset portal provides us with confidence that our Rover equipment is operating as planned and we know the locations of our deployed devices.

    Jim Bilsky VP Enterprise IT Operations, Baptist Health

  • Baptist needed a rapid deployment installation technology provider for a fast-paced telephonic project involving a host of internal resources, vendor providers, and technology partners. Futura was able to staff qualified, local project coordinators, installation technology specialists, and overnight call center resources in short order. Our continued relationship with Futura provided enhanced value and allowed Baptist to complete this time-sensitive project on time and on budget.

    Steve Johnstone Sr. Project Manager, Baptist Health

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