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Software Solutions

Software that Enhances Efficiency and Transforms Patient Care.

Our comprehensive software empowers users to not only educate their teams effectively but also to manage assets efficiently, capture critical data, and fundamentally transform their workflows for a more dynamic and successful organizational environment.

Cloud-Based Platform

Empower Your End-Users: Introducing Our Learning Management System.

Futura understands the importance of seamless integration with existing systems. We take pride in offering a Learning Management System (LMS) that not only meets industry standards but also exceeds expectations. Our LMS is not just a standalone platform; it is a dynamic tool that can be customized to align with your organization's specific requirements.

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Optimize Fleet Efficiency.

The Asset Tracking System streamlines cart fleet management by recording essential data such as asset tags, cart details, warranty dates, and maintenance records. The system offers comprehensive dashboards to assess assets and repairs by site, categorize repairs by cart type, analyze repair costs, document parts used, and identify top offending carts based on case numbers. This integrated approach enhances operational efficiency and facilitates informed decision-making.


Automated Help Desk Ticketing.

Boost efficiency with STATticket. Click, enter your report, and let the system swiftly generate a help desk ticket, seamlessly routing it to the right department. Discover the streamlined efficiency of STAT Ticket for issue resolution:

  • Real-time email notifications for issue resolution
  • Fast reporting for various facility or IT issues
  • Eliminate Help Desk hold times
  • Stress-free issue resolution with streamlined processes
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Wound Care & Image Capture App

Innovative Wound Care Solutions with Advanced Image Capture.

The Wound Care Application transforms healthcare workflows by significantly reducing the time spent on patient encounters and documentation. This application allows easy navigation between two simple workflows: skin assessment images and general shots, catering to maintenance and facility repair documentation for technology, electrical, and facilities. Key features include: 

  • Multipurpose Functionality (Wound Care & Facilities)
  • EHR Integration
  • HDT Interface
  • LiDAR Supported Measurements
  • Secure Identification
  • Built-in Report Writing
  • HIPAA Compliance
Automated Help Desk Ticketing

Reduce downtime with STATticket.

Save time and eliminate the hassle of tracking down the right person or department by using STAT Ticket. This intelligent system operates seamlessly across your enterprise, compatible with any device and network. It interfaces smoothly with Web-based ticketing systems for enhanced connectivity and automatically captures essential information and screenshots. 

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Asset Tracking System

Empowering Data-Driven Decisions with the Asset Tracking System.

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Replacement Forecasting 

Predict the optimal time for replacements based on historical data and performance metrics

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Strategic Decommissioning

Identify workstations that have reached the end of their lifecycle or are no longer cost-effective

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Develop informed budgets by analyzing historical data and user habits, forecasting future needs.

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User Habit

Gain insights into user behaviors that may impact workstation performance for targeted improvements.

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Comprehensive TCO Calculations

Determine the total cost of each workstation over its entire lifespan; including maintenance and repairs. 

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Inventory Management

Ensure you have the right number of workstations in optimal condition, reducing downtime. 

Success Story: Changing the Way for
Wound Care. 

Futura’s development team and Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center’s IT group worked in collaboration to build a comprehensive Mobile Wound Care Management App that is specifically designed to meet their requirements.

Wound Care Image Capture App

Innovative Wound Care Documentation.

Decreased Documentation Errors

The conventional process takes 30-120 minutes per patient encounter, prone to errors in assessing wound characteristics. Futura's solution significantly cuts documentation time, ensuring accuracy through barcode scanning expertise and voice annotation features. Key attributes like seamless EHR integration, user-friendly workflows, HIPAA compliance, and video capture for patient behavior contribute to error reduction. The secure automated user login and patient ID, along with customizable settings, enhance precision, making Futura's application a reliable tool for streamlined and error-free wound care documentation.

Eliminates Manual Documentation

Eliminates manual documentation by automating the process of capturing and recording essential information related to wound care. Seamless integration with Electronic Health Records (EHR) ensures that captured data is directly and accurately transferred into the patient's digital health records.

Improved Workflow Efficiency

The application's video capture feature proves valuable for documenting patient mobility and behavior, providing a more comprehensive view of the patient's condition. The secure automated user login and patient ID through barcode scanning streamline access to patient information and improves workflow efficiency by automating documentation tasks, reducing manual input time, and providing additional tools for comprehensive patient assessment. 

Increased Quality Patient Care

Enhances patient care by significantly reducing documentation time, ensuring accurate and precise information through features like voice annotation and barcode scanning. The inclusion of video capture offers a holistic view of patient conditions, while seamless integration with EHR streamlines information access, fostering efficient and collaborative care delivery.

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