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No Downtime, No Disruptions

Certified Technicians to Keep Your Fleet Rolling.

Your equipment is a costly and valuable asset to your organization, but how much do you know about their maintenance and break/fix history or EOL expectancy? By partnering with Futura, our skilled and certified technicians manage your devices to provide transparency and data-driven procurement decisions for department leaders. We keep your clinical teams working effectively with no downtime or disruption in patient care.

Success Story: Eliminate the WOW Graveyard. 

COVID-19 protocols restricted this health network's access to its mobile cart fleet by both nurses and technicians. It was not uncommon to have up to 50% of them out of service and sitting idly by in the “WOW graveyard”. Futura helped them overcome the challenges of keeping a sizable fleet of carts maintained across an extensive footprint. Uptime for carts increased to >90% as a result.

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Mobile Device as a Service

Experience Mobile DaaS like Never Before.

Futura presents a streamlined approach to handling your intricate mobile technology expenditures, oversight, and assistance by consolidating hardware, software, and services into a convenient rate. Our Device as a Service (DaaS) solution remains impartial to manufacturers and leasing entities, providing you with unparalleled access to a diverse array of brands and financing alternatives in today's dynamic marketplace.

Deployments & Installation

Swift Rollouts, No Disruptions.

We excel in streamlining your projects and facilitating swift rollouts, all while minimizing the disruption to your team. By harnessing our resources, we expertly stage, configure, and deploy your equipment on-site. Our team of PMI-certified project managers at Futura ensures meticulous oversight, guaranteeing that professional services are delivered punctually and within the allocated budget.

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Maintenance & Support

Experienced Technicians On-Demand.

Elevate your project excellence with Futura Healthcare's comprehensive staff augmentation services, providing seasoned experts to actively contribute and oversee your IT, technical, and system-related endeavors. Our dedicated professionals are not just team members; they are partners in success, leveraging their expertise to navigate complexities, mitigate risks, and deliver results that exceed expectations.


Tailored Solutions, Unmatched Support

Our certified technicians are available for break-fix repairs, preventative maintenance, installation, and imaging of your mobile and fixed devices. Let's connect and learn how we can support your fleet.

Managed Mobility Services

Driving Better Patient Outcomes.

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Fleet Management

Accessible via desktop, laptop, or mobile device, this 24/7 power-system monitoring, cloud-based software enhances visibility into your cart fleet's health.

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Warranty Support

We will assume management of all warranty work performed on your behalf and negotiate favorable terms in manufacturers’ warranties up front to maximize value.

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Recycle & Buyback

We'll responsibly dispose of your obsolete equipment, offer a buyback program for credits toward new products or services and provide a certificate of destruction.

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Power System Upgrades

Transform your existing carts and extend their lives with our one-time retrofit service that offers lithium-ion battery replacement and full recharge in only two hours. 

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Extended Warranties

Comprehensive support, optimizing the lifespan of your investments. It includes fixed-cost advanced replacements for failed components.

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Device Warehousing

We ensure a secure and efficient solution for managing extra carts, allowing facilities to optimize their space while maintaining easy access to equipment.

Supported on all Platforms

Leading Integration Provider
of MDM SaaS

Futura's SaaS offers a swift solution to seize control and cut costs, streamlining technology governance and mitigating security risks. You can efficiently manage your software environment by integrating cutting-edge SaaS discovery and software recognition technologies with the expertise of Futura's seasoned Software Asset Management professionals.

Mobile Device Management

What are the Benefits?

Access to Latest Technology and Updates

Mobile devices and their associated software are continuously evolving. Outsourcing mobile device maintenance ensures that healthcare organizations have access to the latest technologies, updates, and patches. Service providers stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and advancements, ensuring that devices are properly maintained, updated, and secure.

Cost Savings

Outsourcing mobile device maintenance can lead to cost savings for healthcare organizations. Instead of investing in internal resources, infrastructure, and training, outsourcing allows them to pay for services on an as-needed basis. This eliminates the need for upfront investments in equipment, software, and personnel, resulting in potential cost reductions.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Mobile devices used in healthcare settings often contain sensitive patient information. Outsourcing mobile device maintenance to specialized providers can ensure adherence to security and compliance requirements. These providers can implement robust security measures, such as encryption, remote wipe capabilities, and secure data backup, to protect patient data and maintain compliance with regulations like HIPAA.

Expertise and Specialization

Outsourcing mobile device maintenance allows healthcare organizations to leverage the expertise of specialized service providers who have in-depth knowledge and experience in managing and maintaining mobile devices. These providers are often well-versed in the latest technologies and best practices related to mobile device management.

Focus on Core Competencies

By outsourcing mobile device maintenance, healthcare organizations can free up their internal resources to focus on their core competencies, such as patient care and healthcare delivery. It allows their IT staff to concentrate on strategic initiatives and critical technology infrastructure, rather than spending significant time and effort on device management and support.

Improved Efficiency

Mobile device maintenance service providers focus solely on managing and maintaining mobile devices, which can lead to improved efficiency. They have streamlined processes and tools in place to efficiently handle device setup, configuration, updates, troubleshooting, and repairs. This can result in reduced downtime and faster turnaround times for device-related issues.

Scalability and Flexibility

Healthcare organizations’ mobile device needs may vary over time. Outsourcing mobile device maintenance services offers scalability and flexibility to adapt to changing requirements. Service providers can quickly scale their resources up or down based on the organization’s needs, ensuring that the right level of support is available at all times.

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