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From new-hire onboarding to keeping your staff educated on new organizational policies and procedures, we've got you covered.

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New workflows? Our customized explainer videos inform your clinical teams and staff on new workflow and process changes. 

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Technology Deployments

Deploying new technology can be overwhelming. With a customized curriculum accessible 24/7, your staff can get up to speed any time.

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Increase Retention by Over 60%.

Empower your team with budget-friendly, comprehensive clinician education methods that establish standards for improved patient care, ensure information security, and nurture long-term employee success from day one, including hardware and technology deployments.

Success Story: Rev-Up University Energizes Users. 

The Banner Health Revenue Cycle Management team needed an eLearning solution that was scalable, intuitive, and robust to train employees and on-board new hires. The eLearning solution was designed by Futura Healthcare and featured custom content, training modules, and a job role-specific portal combining all three training disciplines into a single page.

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Custom Courseware

Futura adopts a versatile modular strategy, incorporating tutorials, case studies, workflows, and other resources to craft tailor-made courses that address your organization's specific training requirements and business goals. Our instructional team is here to assist you in elucidating performance and technical challenges, enabling the creation of an impactful online or blended learning strategy tailored to overcome those challenges. With expertise in instructional design and multimedia, our teams create compelling, experiential interactions that significantly enhance the retention of skills and knowledge.

Assessments & LMS Integration

Futura understands the importance of seamless integration with existing systems. We take pride in offering a Learning Management System (LMS) that not only meets industry standards but also exceeds expectations. Our LMS is not just a standalone platform; it is a dynamic tool that can be customized to align with your organization's specific requirements.

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Performance Support

Upon your employees' return to work, we offer a range of convenient tools to aid and bolster their performance, including job aids and electronic performance support systems (EPSS). These tools can be seamlessly deployed on desktops, laptops, as well as mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Prescriptive Learning

Reduce Training Time, Increase Effectiveness.

Futura collaborates to implement "Prescriptive Learning" Solutions, tailored to individual Providers and Nurses to reduce training time and enhance retention. This approach includes Diagnostic Assessments to gauge competency, Prescribed Learning Tracks aligned with assessment results, and a dedicated platform for consistent delivery and tracking. 

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Compatible with All Devices

An LMS Portal Like No Other.

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The platform presents news feeds and websites (RSS, Twitter, etc.), enabling announcements, alerts, and news, while supporting images and links, facilitating targeted delivery to specific users based on groups.

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Resource Library

The system includes resources pushed by an admin or selected by the user from the Content Library, encompassing documents, job aids, links, etc., allowing users to view, share, and rate items with a star rating.

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Video Streaming

The system seamlessly links to external video content with thumbnails and descriptions, enabling user sharing, usage reports, survey integration, and access to a feature-rich video channel akin to "YouTube."

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Learning Portal

The platform lists and schedules assigned classes and meetings, allowing users to sign up for both WebEx and classroom events, view a comprehensive calendar, provide star ratings to classes, download meeting notes, and grants instructors the ability to manage classes and grades for each student.

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Training Courses

Users can seamlessly explore and search for system-wide content, including both assigned and unassigned materials such as courses, documents, classes, and videos, with the added flexibility to perform actions like adding items to the home page, enrolling in courses, emailing items, and more.

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Users can engage in interactive learning experiences through a diverse range of educational games, tracking their progress with gamification status, which highlights prizes earned and overall standings, providing the flexibility to launch games or review standing details at user convenience. 

Training for Your Technology Deployments. Anywhere. Anytime.

Empower your team with budget-friendly, comprehensive clinician education methods that establish standards for improved patient care, ensure information security, and nurture long-term employee success from day one, including hardware deployments and technology implementations.


Why eLearning Works

What are the Benefits?

Continuous Learning and Updates

Healthcare is a rapidly evolving field, with new research, guidelines, and technologies emerging frequently. eLearning platforms can facilitate continuous learning by providing easy access to updated content, ensuring that healthcare professionals stay current with the latest advancements in their field.


Compared to traditional inperson training programs, eLearning can be more cost-effective. It eliminates expenses related to travel, venue rentals/classroom space, printed materials, and instructor time/fees. Additionally, eLearning materials can be reused and updated easily, reducing the need for continuous development of new training resources.

Flexible and Accessible

eLearning allows healthcare professionals to access training materials and courses at their convenience, eliminating the need for scheduling in-person training sessions. This flexibility enables learners to engage in training without disrupting their clinical responsibilities, ultimately reducing training time.

Interactive and Engaging Content

eLearning platforms can incorporate interactive elements such as videos, simulations, quizzes, and case studies. These interactive components enhance learner engagement, knowledge retention, and application of concepts. Additionally, incorporating gamification elements, such as leaderboards and badges, can further motivate learners and foster a sense of competition and achievement.


eLearning allows healthcare organizations to train a large number of professionals simultaneously. With traditional training methods, accommodating a large group would require multiple sessions and additional resources. eLearning platforms can handle a significant number of learners concurrently, facilitating scalability and reducing overall training time.

Self-Paced Learning

eLearning platforms often offer self-paced courses, allowing learners to progress through the material at their own speed. This approach accommodates different learning styles and allows individuals to focus on areas where they need more time and practice, ultimately optimizing their learning experience.

Tracking and Assessment

eLearning platforms often include robust tracking and assessment features. Healthcare organizations can monitor learners’ progress, completion rates, and performance on quizzes or exams. This data enables administrators to identify areas that require additional attention and measure the effectiveness of the training program.

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