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Staff Augmentation

Niche Expertise For Your Next Project

Our staff augmentation and consulting services provide expert assistance for Electronic Health Records (EHR) activation, implementation, and optimization, including tailored project plans and risk mitigation. Our implementation services extend to clinical, ancillary, revenue cycle, and business applications, along with workflow analysis and training for EHR systems. We ensure that clients reach the full potential of their EHR, aligning strategy with organizational goals and overseeing change implementation. We offer:

  • PMI/PMP certified consultants
  • Staff augmentation with seasoned experts for IT and technical projects
  • Customized legacy support services 

EPIC Rover Done Right. 

At Futura, we're all about ensuring your Epic Rover project is a massive success. Whether you are looking for Implementation assistance or Mobile Device Management, did you know that depending on your strategy, you can save the organization hundreds of thousands of dollars? Futura helps you tackle three crucial elements to deliver a successful Rover project on time and in budget. Read the full case study below to see how we helped Baptist Health simplify operations and reduce the burden on its IT teams.

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Electronic Health Records

Activation, Implementation & Optimization.

Maximize your Electronic Health Records (EHR) potential with Futura Healthcare. Our implementation and consulting teams create tailored project plans aligning with your unique timelines, software dependencies, and operational goals. From Activation/Go-Live to Optimization, we mitigate risks, ensuring a smooth transition and allowing your staff to prioritize patient care. Our expertise spans Legacy Backfill Support, project management, workflow analysis, change implementation, and activation/training, empowering your staff to focus on crucial initiatives. Trust Futura Healthcare for seamless EHR implementation, optimizing your systems while prioritizing patient care.

Project Management

PMI/ PMP Certified Consultants.

Our complete range of project management consulting services, utilizing PMI/ PMP certified consultants, while leveraging Rational Unified Process (RUP) and Six-Sigma, puts us in a position to design a solution that addresses your specific needs. Whether you need a project manager to oversee your build project or a team to perform an IT operational audit, we can deliver tailored services to your needs. That is the Futura Healthcare "White-Glove" service pledge to you: your satisfaction.

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Staff Augmentation

Seasoned Experts On-Demand.

Elevate your project excellence with Futura Healthcare's comprehensive staff augmentation services, providing seasoned experts to actively contribute and oversee your IT, technical, and system-related endeavors. Our diverse portfolio spans crucial domains, including clinical and related systems, financial systems, ERP systems, and pivotal technical initiatives such as Telehealth, Windows upgrades, and mobility projects. 


Legacy System Support

Futura's Legacy Support Services enable seamless transitions for your existing clinical, financial, and business technology systems, allowing your teams to prioritize new implementations. With a proven Legacy healthcare methodology and experienced consultants, we offer a customizable support model tailored to your business and quality goals. 

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Implementation Services

Keeping Providers Productive.

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Clinical Applications

Take advantage of your technology investments for delivering quality patient care with a successful implementation. We work with systems such as Oracle, Epic, Altera, MEDITECH, and McKesson.

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Ancillary Applications

Revenue generating departments such as lab, radiology and imaging rely on their software. We can assist with your successful system implementation with systems such as Oracle, Epic, Altera, SoftLab, Sunquest, and GE.

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Revenue Cycle Applications

Working with systems such as Oracle, Epic, Altera, MEDITECH, McKesson, and GE, we ensure that your systems are implemented correctly so you won't be left exposed to missing revenue.

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Business Applications

Managing the strategic implementations of business applications through our proven methodologies. We work with systems including SAP, Oracle, Lawson, Dynamics, PeopleSoft, Sequel, and BI.

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By meticulously examining each step of your workflows, we ensure a comprehensive understanding of the current operational landscape. This detailed analysis serves as the foundation for targeted improvements.

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Activation &

From development to the strategic coordination and efficient deployment of training programs, Futura's comprehensive approach is meticulously designed to keep your project firmly on track.

Reach the full potential of your EHR.

Futura Healthcare excels in streamlining EHR optimization, ensuring enhanced care quality, ROI, and widespread user adoption. We align EHR strategy with organizational goals, conduct proven workflow and process analyses, ensure data integrity and system analysis, oversee change implementation and activation, manage system requirements, and coordinate user training for seamless implementation.

Professional Staffing & Consulting

What are the Benefits?

Bundled Services

With abundant resources, flexibility, and expertise, we offer comprehensive clinical and business IT solutions tailored to your needs. Our services encompass identifying and procuring hardware at competitive prices, registering deals with manufacturers, and passing on discounts. We manage on-site hardware installation, including setup, integration, network connection, cable management, functional testing, and 'white glove' services like unpacking, packaging removal, and recycling. Additionally, we provide continuous support and maintenance throughout your technology assets' lifecycle to minimize the total cost of ownership. 

Process Improvement

We employ an integrated approach that combines Lean, Six Sigma, and Change Management strategies to enhance organizational value while fostering improvements in quality, safety, and productivity. 

Single-Source Project Management

The simplicity offered by a single point of contact translates to faster decision-making, streamlined project management, and timely project completion. We handle complex sets of responsibilities for your organization, plus our technical specialists can source, install, train, and most importantly, support your clinical and non-clinical devices on site.

Timely & Tailored Services

Futura maintains several operations facilities nationwide to ensure timely service for our customers. These technology centers/warehouse facilities serve as a home base for skilled technicians and help desk teams, a workspace for custom configuration, and a launch point for delivery services. 

Vendor Agnostic

With no contractual or financial ties to any hardware or software vendors, we maintain partnerships with leading manufacturers and providers to deliver best-of-breed solutions that match up with your hospital’s needs and specifications. 

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