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Season 1: Episode 1

The State of Healthcare in 2023: Make or Break for Hospitals?

In this episode of the Elephant in Your Hospital podcast, senior Vice President at Futura Healthcare, Mike Talerico, is joined by industry healthcare leaders, Keith Alexander and Chad Wable, to discuss the financial crisis in healthcare. 

The trio discusses the healthcare sector's financial crisis and the challenges hospitals face in reducing labor costs, boosting revenue, and improving outcomes amid a backdrop of rising inflation costs, investment losses, and staff shortages. They also examine the role of federal and state governments in addressing the crisis and suggest solutions for hospitals to navigate the uncertain terrain in 2023 and beyond.

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Season 1: Episode 2

The Nursing Shortage: An Ultimate Test on Leadership in Healthcare

Healthcare executives Keith Alexander and Chad Wable join Mike Talerico to discuss the complex nursing shortage issue in the United States.

They discuss the causes and effects of the shortage, including the challenges of recruiting and retaining nurses, the rise in wages, and the impact of the pandemic. They also examine the need for more funding and support for nursing schools and the importance of effective leadership and creating a positive work environment.

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Season 1: Episode 3

Leveraging Technology to Transform Healthcare Staffing and Improve Patient Care

This episode of the podcast features a conversation between c-suite healthcare executives Keith Alexander and Chad Wable, and Futura's Senior VP,  Mike Talerico, on how technology is changing the healthcare industry.

From automation and productivity reports to reducing workload duplication and improving staff satisfaction, the conversation explores the potential of technology to transform the healthcare industry. They also examine the challenges facing healthcare executives and staff, and the need to find new tools and technologies to support them.

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Season 1: Episode 4

The Future of Healthcare Training: How to Prepare for the Next Generation of Employees

In this episode, Jason Ashworth is joined by healthcare executives, Tom Pacek and Ken Levitan, as well as Futura executives, Tom Kreuzberger and David Gulian. The panel explores the challenges faced by healthcare organizations in the midst of the staffing crisis. 

Learn from industry leaders how the implementation of efficient eLearning platforms and prescriptive learning methodologies can expedite the onboarding process, reduce training costs, and ultimately enhance staff retention. Discover strategies to overcome quality and safety risks associated with insufficient training, ensuring the success of both frontline caregivers and administrative personnel.

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