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Strategic Cost Management

6 min read

Combatting Clinician & Physician Burnout: A Guide for Healthcare Leadership

Clinician and physician burnout has emerged as a critical issue in healthcare, posing significant challenges to both providers and organizations. The...

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2 min read

Re-Align Labor Costs to Improve Margins

It's no secret that labor costs and financial challenges are affecting the majority of hospitals today. Futura is uniquely positioned to help both...

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3 min read

Strategic Cost Management: A Best Practice for Reducing Runaway Labor Costs

With numerous reports of declining operating margins in hospitals across the country, many institutions are struggling to maintain financial...

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5 min read

How Hospitals Can Prevent Inflation-Driven Losses

Although we have passed the 2022 inflation spike, it's important to note that this does not necessarily indicate a return to pre-inflationary levels....

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1 min read

HFMA Survey Forecasts Financial Decline for Healthcare Industry

The HFMA’s Third Quarter, 2022 Outlook Survey provides insight into the current state of the healthcare industry. The latest report demonstrates why...

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4 min read

This Hospital Culture Change Sustainably Reduces Labor Costs

Before we kickoff the final post of our strategic cost management series, let’s take a quick detour. Imagine you are the winner of a DIY contest at...

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4 min read

Hospitals: Benchmarking is Not a Cost Reduction Strategy

In healthcare, benchmark studies and productivity reports are the gold standard for leaders looking to make their facilities more efficient, provide...

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4 min read

Four Ways to Cut Your Labor Costs, Not Your Staff

Median hospital operating margins were negative in the first quarter of 2022. Kaufman Hall called it a perfect storm of converging threats:...

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