January 18, 2021

Futura Healthcare Joins KLAS Research

Futura Healthcare is a healthcare IT consulting firm that provides point-of-care mobile technology and clinical and business IT support and services. In January 2021, Futura joined KLAS Research, an unbiased research firm founded with a desire to help providers and payers find transparency in the healthcare IT marketplace. 

David Gulian, CEO, states "while providing the best technology and the most experienced resources, Futura Healthcare brings a high level of understanding of healthcare IT needs and provides customer service that is unmatched by our competition. Our ability to be nimble but remain structured is an attribute that any healthcare organization would appreciate."

Established in 1998 and provide 20+ years of service, Futura is one of the few true healthcare IT companies that can leverage its expertise in professional services and technology to provide a comprehensive solution for healthcare projects. Executive Vice President, Scott Collins, noted "We are excited to join KLAS Research as part of our strategic initiative of continuous improvement and providing superior quality to our clients." As healthcare organizations face growing demands of virtual care delivery and regulatory compliance, Futura tactfully aligns mobility with IT application services and support expertise that enable healthcare institutions to achieve their strategic goals of operational efficiency, productivity, and cost reduction.


Futura Healthcare is a trusted industry partner delivering end-to-end healthcare technology solutions. We have serviced 1 in 3 hospitals nationwide, deployed and supported over 600,000 IT assets, and have defined healthcare technology best practices for over 20 years.

As a single source partner, we are vendor agnostic and deploy best-of-breed technologies – from mobility hardware and eLearning to advisory services and consulting – helping healthcare institutions achieve their strategic goals of improved patient outcomes, operational efficiency, and enhanced clinician engagement.