April 16, 2020

Futura Healthcare Stays Ahead of COVID-19

Futura is helping to keep customers functional during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Servicing both healthcare and enterprise businesses, Futura Healthcare is helping to keep customers functional during the COVID-19 pandemic.  “Staying intimately informed of industry trends, fostering successful relationships with manufacturers on behalf of our customers, and providing quick response and turn-around to our customer’s requests has been the key”, states Eric Nolan, President of Futura.   He continues, “Our team has worked tirelessly to provide the elevated service and solutions that keep our customers fully functioning and able to deliver to the demands placed on them.”

In healthcare, Futura was poised to provide over 800 mobile carts to over 30 different hospitals for a large, hospital system on the west coast that was on the front-lines of COVID-19 when it first emerged. Eric comments, “We knew which manufacturers had exactly what they needed to respond to the surge of patients being treated in non-traditional facilities and was able to help them quickly deploy them on location.”

Another healthcare organization leveraged Futura when they were struggling with extending the life of their PPE. Futura deployed UV light disinfection units which allowed medical workers to disinfect their N-95 masks during the initial shortage. “It wasn’t ideal, but we helped them out in a crunch. The innovative part of the solution we deployed is they are now using it to disinfect their phones and tablets”, remarks Eric.

Not only was healthcare impacted but many businesses in the food supply chain were impacted. One manufacturer of popular snacks relies on Futura to keep their business running so their plants remain fully operational to meet the increase in demand of store-bought food during the pandemic quarantines.

“It’s satisfying to see that we are directly and positively impacting our customers as they deal with these challenges. Our processes, technologies, and team, which we have had in place for years, has made it easy for us to be there when our world has been turned upside down almost overnight. We continue to service our customers and forge new relationships in this new economy”, says Eric Nolan.


Futura Healthcare is a trusted industry partner delivering end-to-end healthcare technology solutions. We have serviced 1 in 3 hospitals nationwide, deployed and supported over 600,000 IT assets, and have defined healthcare technology best practices for over 20 years.

As a single source partner, we are vendor agnostic and deploy best-of-breed technologies – from mobility hardware and eLearning to advisory services and consulting – helping healthcare institutions achieve their strategic goals of improved patient outcomes, operational efficiency, and enhanced clinician engagement.

Media Contact:

Jefferson Barr